swine flu virus新流行性感冒病毒

Hi Team,
In regards to the latest SWINE FLU HR has comes out with some precautionary steps which i had brief you guys just now.However this is just a summary of what i have said just now:
1)Pls inform the TM or OM if  anyone is going out of Singapore include Johor Bahru.
2)Country of visting outside of Singapore and duration must be reported to TM.
3)Upon returning the TM will be calling the team members the night before he/she is coming back to work the next day to check their health status eg.if he/she have any flu,fever...etc.
4)If on medical leave pls do inform the TM on how many days of mdical leave you are being given by the doctor .
5)Do not come back to work during the period of your medical leave even if you think that you have recover.
6)If medical leave is more than 2 days eg 1 week,TM needs to call up their respective team mates to concern about his/her condition every 2 or 3 days interval.
7)On the last day of the medical leave TM should make another follow up call to make sure that he/she is fully recover.if not advice he /she to see doctor and continue to get sufficient rest.
8)Tempreature have to be taken for team members who is coming back to work from medical leave and overseas before they start work.
9)For team members who is overseas TM will call you guys up to check if you have fallen ill,or have you been quarantine during your stay overseas.
10)HR will be checking with TM on daily basis if any of their team mates are on MC so PLS do remeber to inform the TM.
11)If relatives or friends who is visiting you from overseas pls inform the HR dept.
12)HR will be putting up bulletins ,news clip,or even emails to update us on the latest situation pls do read the articles on the notice board in the Pantry.
13)Sanitizer will be given.
14)Assoicates who are having cough needs to put on the N95 mask.

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